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New version 2.21 released - Accelerator for WordPress

Slider Revolution improvements and quality increasing. See below. And you can always see full change log of Accelerator for WordPress.

How to enable smooth loading of Slider Revolution

The most important improvement in this release is smooth loading of Slider Revolution. Previously, any Slider Revolution was loaded with flickering (or double loading) effect.

It is disabled if there was previous version of the product installed – just to preserve the same site behavior. To enable it, the next steps should be done:

  • Existing styles code in item named ‘Revolution Slider‘ in styles settings for corrections for lazy loading scripts should be overwritten with the below one:

    rs-module[data-lzl-layout="fullwidth"], rs-module[data-lzl-layout="fullscreen"], rs-fullwidth-wrap, rs-fullwidth-wrap > rs-module-wrap {
    width: var(--seraph-accel-client-width) !important;
    left: calc((100% - var(--seraph-accel-client-width)) / 2) !important;
    rs-module[data-lzl-layout="fullscreen"] {
    height: 100vh !important;
    rs-module[data-lzl-layout="fullscreen"].js-lzl-ing {
    margin-top: -100vh !important;

  • Related ‘Revolution Slider‘ -> ‘Smooth loading‘ option should be enabled in Videos, frames and content parts settings for corrections for lazy loading scripts.
  • Cache of pages that contain Slider Revolution should be updated.

Last changes


  • Adaptation to screen sizes: avoiding already processed images.
  • Carousel of Jet.
  • Logging of server and cloud cache clearing.
  • Manager: Limiting checking HTML only of current site.
  • Menu from SuperFly.
  • Premium Carousel of Elementor.
  • Slider Revolution: Smooth loading.
  • Support for CookieYes.
  • Support for Image Carousel Widget of Elementor.
  • Support for Slider Revolution.


  • License cant be deactivated if any error occurs in the process.
  • PHP 8 warnings related to PHPSQLParser.
  • PHP warning about 'fopen' can be produced on some hostings.
  • PHP warning about undefined key in $acceptEncodings.
  • Slider Revolution: vertical position of elements may be calculated incorrectly.
  • URLs that contain only dots in path segment can lead to inaccessible cache folder.

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