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New version 2.21 released - Accelerator for WordPress

Slider Revolution improvements and quality increasing. See below. And you can always see full change log of Accelerator for WordPress. How to enable smooth loading of Slider Revolution The most important improvement in this release is smooth loading of Slider Revolution. Previously, any Slider

New version 2.20 released - Accelerator for WordPress

Getting fresh content parts allows to set particular areas of pages to be always fresh (got from server). Also, a cache small timeout can be specified to don’t overload server. E.g. it can be helpful for online stores to show always actual products with prices. Or always actual comments list on

New version 2.19.10 released - Accelerator for WordPress

Fixed possible 'A-HREF' in URLs in 'a' HTML tags. The initial issue is coming from ‘DOM’ library of PHP. It recently changed behavior of processing ‘href’ of ‘a’ tags. Now we adapted our code to support that. For sure, please, update Accelerator to the latest version. You can always see full change

New version 2.18 released - Accelerator for WordPress

Support for Gallery Widget of Elementor and quality improvements. See below. To enable Support for Gallery Widget of Elementor, please, use the corresponding option in the settings and don’t forget to update the cache of related pages. And you can always see full change log of Accelerator for

Possible support delays in next 2 weeks

Hello. It’s Pavel again. Next one or two weeks I’ll have limited access to email due to moving to another place for living. So, responses from support can be long. Thank you for understanding and patience. Yours, Pavel.More information can be discovered in the original post about Possible support

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